We print your idea!


About ZoGeprint.

ZoGeprint. is specialised in printing your ideas in 3D! We started of a few years ago as a hobby, and here we are today offering you top quality prints of your ideas and designs!

We print what you want!

3D Printing is expensive and hard to start with. It’s our mission to bring 3D printing to you by printing whatever design you need! This can be custom made designs or designs you can find online on websites such as Thingiverse.

We can design what you want

You might have an idea that you want to turn into a project. Or you might want a replacement part for some machinery but the piece might not be available publicly somewhere…
No worries! We can help you out! We can do the design of whatever want!

Highlighted Projects

We can print in several materials which allows us to print even the strongest parts to be used as replacement parts. This one is designed based on a broken part.

On request of a customer we designed and printed this no longer officially supported Niko wall outlet cover plate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we supported local health care and businesses by printing protective face shields, even custom designed to fit helmets of building constructors.

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